Doi Phu Kha

If you're lucky enough to live in the mountains, you're lucky enough.

Doi Phu Kha is undoubtedly my favorite part about living in Pua, Nan. This beautiful National Park is only 20km from my house and has so much to offer. The drive itself is incredible. I drive up into the mountains almost every weekend. And every weekend I find a place to hike, eat, swim, or just sit and read a book. It really never gets old. This is why:


The first two times I went driving in the mountains, my motorbike broke down. It was devastating. At that point I still didn't know much Thai at all and we were about 30km from town. The first truck to pass us stopped to help. Within 10 minutes my bike and I were in the back of the truck headed back to Pua. Despite the language barrier, people did not hesitate to help. My tire was replaced for a mere $3. 

The next time I went to the mountains, the bolt holding my rear wheel on my bike fell off. I noticed my bike felt wiggly but I don't know anything about bikes so I went with it. I'm lucky my wheel got jammed when I parked it rather than while I was driving. Again, the first person to pass us pulled over, identified the problem, flagged down the first truck to pass and explained the issue in Thai so it could be explained to a mechanic. Once again I was saved in the mountains.  I love Thai people.