Teacher so Beautiful!

My ego is gonna take a hit when I’m back in America. There aren’t any natural blondes in Pua, nor are there any blue eyed girls. There are only five foreigners in this “large town” of 50,000 people. Naturally, I get told I’m beautiful every day. It’s really quite nice. Anyone with low self esteem should consider moving here. Especially at school, students constantly say “teacher so beautiful” or “teacher I love you” or “teacher why you so beautiful?”. Walking to class, I feel like a celebrity- kids giggling when I say hi, asking to take photos with me, telling me I’m beautiful. It’s to the point that I’ll be like “it’s been like 10 minutes is anyone gonna tell me I’m beautiful or what?”

After returning to America for Christmas for one week, vibes were low when I returned to Thailand. I was extremely exhausted after 40 hours of traveling back to Nan and when I finally got to Nan, I had to wait an additional 6 hours for my baggage to come. Moments later, my phone finally went to shit (it had been flirting with death for a month now). Normally, these minor inconveniences wouldn’t have thrown me off, but I was especially vulnerable and totally lost it. I started bawling in the airport. Everyone was SO confused. Ladies kept bringing me tissues but didn’t speak English or understand why I was crying. I managed “I’m…. just…so...tired” in between dramatic inhales. I finally got into a taxi and the driver said “wow! So beautiful!”. My mood instantly changed. I freaking love this place.