Coffee in Thailand

It's no Dunks but it'll do

Coffee shops in Thailand are all about the aesthetics. This post is dedicated to the amazing coffee shops around Pua.

It is important to note that coffee shops do not serve real coffee- even if they say "real coffee". They only have espresso-based drinks here. The false advertising has led to countless disappointing coffee-runs, so I just thought I'd save you all the heartache. The lattes aren't bad at all, but they're basically espresso milkshakes because they so much sugar and sweetened-condensed milk. You ask for "no sugar" and they look at you like there's some misunderstanding then proceed to add just one tablespoon of sugar instead of three. Is it so wrong I want to get my coffee buzz on in the morning without having a heart attack?!

It's really a bonus when a coffee shop also has baby goats. And yes, we go to coffee shops just for beer too sometimes.