Day 24: Pedrouzo


We walked 20.5 miles from Melide to Pedrouzo


It was a long day! Hiking 20 miles in one day is an enormous physical and mental accomplishment! The only trouble with hiking this distance is forcing my mom to stop and take breaks. She would walk all day without stopping if I let her. Her feet, however, would probably break off her legs. Our frequent snack and bathroom breaks made today more manageable. Thank God for corn nuts!

When we arrived in town we shared a pizza and asparagus (which turned out to be white, canned asparagus served on a plate with mayonnaise…yikes).

With only one more day left of hiking, we’ve noticed an increase of traffic on the Camino. So far, it is not so much traffic that we can’t sneak off the trail for a pee break, thankfully! Although we are still seeing familiar faces, since we have been hiking a faster-than-average pace, we are also meeting a whole different batch of pilgrims.

With only 12 miles left to hike tomorrow, we will be able to crush our hike before mass at noon in Santiago de Compostela. It’s exciting that we are so close, but it’s sad that our adventure is coming to an end.


A Trace of Grace

Notes from a trekking Mama

This day was our longest walk because we wanted to have less miles going into our last day. I was a little anxious about how far I could go before my feet started hurting, usually by 14 miles or so, but we took a lot of breaks and the terrain was hilly enough for me not to complain too much. And between our corn nuts, a few digestive cookies, and nectarines, I survived just fine. Plus, there was always the reward of having a cold beer on tap when I arrived at my destination. Who knew I would be so happy to have a beer at the end of a walk?

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