Day 23: Melide


We walked 17.2 miles from Hospital de la Cruz to Melide



The weather wasn’t the best today, but not much could get us down. We trekked on despite the off-and-on rain showers. When we got to the first city of the day, we were very indecisive about our dining options and ended up at a place with no other customers (an obvious red flag, but we were too hungry to care). We ordered a tortilla, which seemed oddly expensive. When it came out, we were shocked to realize we had ordered an entire tortilla for two of us. There must’ve been 20 eggs in the thing. We did the best we could and felt wasteful leaving behind half of a tortilla, but you can’t really take an omelet to go.

We had a little scare in the afternoon when my mom felt a shooting pain in her back. I obviously over-reacted and tried, without success, to convince mom to take taxi. Being the trooper she is, she walked it out. My mom is incredible. The pain went away and, thankfully, never returned.

When we finally arrived in Melide, we were greeted by a parade of traditionally dressed instrumentalists walking down a cobblestone road. We took advantage of the lovely kitchen at our hostel and made ourselves luxurious cup-o-noodles. We later ate the most amazing croquettes at a rooftop restaurant as we watched the ominous storm clouds glide by in the distance. To make a lovely town lovelier, we witnessed a wedding outside an old stone church. The happiness was contagious!

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A Trace of Grace

Notes from a trekking Mama

Hannah once again out did herself on our accommodations, finding the perfect albergue in the city of Melide. We arrived hungry, as always, but excited to do laundry before having a snack. On the way out to the washer, we were blessed with a plum tree that dropped sweet plums every time the wind blew. We probably ate twelve each! Feeling grateful again.

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