Day 2: Zuribi



We walked 13.6 miles from SJPP to Zuribi


I'm about to make this blogging and hiking thing a bit simpler. For the remainder of this trek, I'll be writing about the best and worst parts of our day (highlights and bummers). Don't be alarmed at the amount of bummers you may find yourself reading. More likely than not, an unfortunate turn of events is a great story and a good laugh for us too.


The best part of the day today was the food! We walked through a town early in the morning and picked up fresh peaches to snack on later. We stopped in another town later to share a sandwich on a fresh baguette. When we finally made it to our destination, we shared local cheese and bread at the only bar in town that was open.

There were lots of neat slugs. My mom stopped and pointed out every slug. There are two major types of slugs- fancy slugs that are black with glittery blacks and peasant slugs that are brown. Both are about the size of an iPhone. Cool, right?! Definitely the first slug was cool. But my lovely mother stopped to observe EVERY slug and frequently suggested we help it cross the trail.

We arrived in Zuribi and got the last two beds in a bunk room of four. The hostel was extremely clean and almost all of our buddies coincidentally were staying at the same place! It was a very relaxing evening on the river!



It was raining when we headed out. It actually poured quite a bit In the morning. Every hiker we ran into was like wow this is so refreshing! Call us freaks, but my mom and I actually prefer to walk in the sun. Quite frankly, hiking in the rain sucks. We put on our Froggtoggs aka very unfashionable, wearable tarps and set off on our walk. Even though we looked like dufuses, they're completely waterproof and lightweight #functionoverfashion. Despite the dreary morning, Mom didn't complain and trekked on like she'd been doing this forever.


My mom is a petite lady (which is confusing since I'm quite the opposite), so a big pack is not easy for her. Her pack has really been hurting her shoulders. I've tried adjusting, repacking, and off loading weight to my pack, but it has been really difficult to make her pack feel comfortable/bearable.

Siesta is super frustrating. I appreciate the concept, but for pilgrims walking the Camino, we arrive to our destination village around 3, which is exactly when no store, restaurant or anything is open to meet our needs. So blessed that Grace is very patient with hangry Hannah.

A Trace of Grace

Notes from a trekking mama

 Keep your head down on hills, it makes it easier to climb. You will be surprised at how quickly you get to the top and you may even see " fancy" slugs (black with silvery backs).