Frozen Eyelashes on Mount Willard

fundraising update:

As of this morning we have raised 38% of our $6,540 goal! Danielle and I are overwhelmed by the incredible support. With 50 days left before hitting the trail, help us reach 50% of our fundraising goal!  Click here to donate today!

50 days til the AT

Valentine's Day is extra special this year because it also marks 50 days until Danielle and I begin the Appalachian Trail! To celebrate, I went on a romantic sunrise hike with myself up Mount Willard. I chose this hike because it's super quick (3.6 miles out and back) and has an epic view to practice my GoPro-ing skills. I planned to begin hiking by 6am and finish by 7:30am so I'd have the rest of the day to ski. Naturally, I was a solid 30 minutes behind schedule because of the person I am, but I still made it to the top shortly after sunrise. The incredible view was worth the treacherously cold temperatures. My car said it was -20F when I got back to Crawford Notch State Park later that morning.  That means it had to be -30F at the top- maybe lower with windchill. Luckily, I was prepared and made it out with all of my fingers and toes and some awesome pictures. I used a GoPro Hero4 Silver edition and a tripod to capture the pictures. Unfortunately, my tripod didn't make it out alive- two of its legs actually snapped off at the summit because it was so cold. Here are a few pictures from the hike: