Hi, I'm Hannah


Adventurer Extraordinaire | Amateur Photographer

I have always been an endlessly curious girl with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Having grown up in a small Boston suburb and having subsequently attended a small liberal arts school, the only world I really knew was the one inside my bubble. As a true believer of "go big or go home", I am dedicating the next years of my life to pursuing the adventures I crave. From walking all 2,189 miles of Appalachian Trail to teaching English in Thailand, I'm eager to see what this beautiful planet has to offer and the beautiful people who make this place so special. 

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April 2016 - August 2016: Appalachian Trail
September 2016: Vietnam
October 2016 - February 2017: Teaching English, Thailand
March 2017: Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
April 2017: West Highland Way, Scotland
July 2017: El Camino de Santiago, Spain